G. Garelli, “Il ‘sapere assoluto’ e un versetto di Marco”

Il “sapere assoluto” e un versetto di Marco (ora e per sempre, ‘Offenbarung’)
Gianluca Garelli (Università di Firenze)

What happens to time in the Phenomenology of Spirit, once the self-consciousness has reached the form of «absolute knowing»? This question has always been crucial for Hegel’s scholars. What does it mean that absolute knowing «deletes» [tilgt] time, since it is here (and just here) that the spirit can begin its «new», true story? The hypothesis presented in this paper is in a broad sense «theological». To understand the difficult final steps of Hegel’s masterpiece, the essay proposes a parallel reading of a famous verse from the Gospel of Mark (1.15), dedicated to the fulfillment of the kairòs as a premise for the advent of the kingdom of God.

G.W.F. Hegel, Time, Kairòs, Absolute knowing, End of history.

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