L. Sieve, “Costruzione e decostruzione del sé”

Costruzione e decostruzione del sé tra Michel Foucault e Jean-Luc Nancy
Lorenzo Sieve (Università di Torino)

This study is devoted to the connections between writing and the development of subjectivity in Michel Foucault and Jean-Luc Nancy. In Foucault, writing is a technique belonging to a process of subjectivization of truth, that is to the constitution of the self. Writing is investigated by Foucault in the classic Greek and Roman culture: with the redaction of hypomnémata and correspondences, people cooperated in the organization of a lógos biotikós aimed at the psychagogy of the individual. For Nancy, on the other hand, writing has mainly a deconstructive purpose. In its Cartesian sense, subjectivity is at the same time the object and the place in which deconstruction occurs: it represents the starting point of the philosophical work. In the horizon of an autobiographic ontology, philosophy goes beyond the self-positioning of the cogito and shows the irreducible and primordial punctuality of existence.

Writing, M. Foucault, J.-L. Nancy, Subjectivity, Autobiography.

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