E. Antonelli, “Imitazione e riconoscimento”

Imitazione e riconoscimento. Fenomenologia mimetica della genesi della coscienza
Emanuele Antonelli (Università di Torino)

Girard has an ambiguous debt toward the atmosphere spread in France by the Hegel Renaissance that marked many of those who grew up in the thirties and forties. Yet, as far as the theory of recognition is concerned, I will claim that mimetic theory takes a step forward. Inasmuch as it makes up a morphogenetic theory, Girard’s work allows me to put forward an hypothesis to solve the problem of the origin of the Hegelian desire of recognition. This desire is not a natural drive that immediately induces a consciousness to desire the desire of the other, but a mimetic desire inspired by a determinate and specific condition. Using René Girard’s and Jean-Pierre Dupuy’s work on the mimetic logic of social phenomena, I will mantain that this specific condition is itself created by the mimetic interaction and then spread around, once again by mimesis.

Desire, Mimesis, Recognition, Origin, Endogenous Fixed Point.

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