P. Furia, “I percorsi del sé”

I percorsi del sé. Identità, felicità, alterità in Paul Ricoeur
Paolo Furia (Università di Torino)

Paul Ricoeur’s theory of the narrative is above all the answer to one question: How can rationality work as a configuration of meaning, out of the typically modern view of reason as a transcendental principle? This sort of ‘hermeneutical reconstruction’ of rationality shows relevant consequences on the ethical side: ambiguity and opacity in the relationship between subject and world have their counterpart in the precariousness of existence. Ricoeur’s petite éthique is overall a project to establish conditions for collective emancipation, in a horizon where fragility is a call to face human weakness.

Paul Ricoeur, Hermeneutics, Normative Ethics, Narrative, Subject.

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