A. Bertinetto, “Immagine artistica e improvvisazione”

Immagine artistica e improvvisazione
Alessandro Bertinetto (Università di Udine)

In this article I discuss the relation between visual image and improvisation in artistic practices, focussing on the relevance of the improvisational production for the image as enduring result of that process. By examining famous artistic examples, I argue that in non–performing arts the improvisational character of the production of an item does not have the same aesthetic value as in performing arts. This is because improvisation in performing arts is ephemeral, while this is not the case in non–performing arts, that use durable media. I conclude presenting Adorno’s speculative view of the improvised and ephemeral nature of the artwork qua artwork.

Improvisation, Philosophy of art, Visual arts, Performing arts, Ontology of art.

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