F. Paparella, “Paradigmi dell’immagine”

Paradigmi dell’immagine. Filosofia dell’immagine e forme della verità
Francesco Paparella (Università di Udine)

The article deals with the relation between image and sign in the attempt to reconstruct the main attitudes towards signs. In this way the article defines two important paradigms for the philosophy of images in the Western thought: the “platonic” one and the one summarized by Jean–Luc Nancy. The first describes iconic/mimetic instruments and signs as inadequate for creating true knowledge, while the second considers the image and sign itself as the positive poles of the knowledge dichotomy. The article demonstrated that both the paradigm are identical because they refuse to think about knowledge as dialogue between the objective and the linguistic pole, and proposes a third paradigm, described by the Neoplatonic approach to images, able to reach this balance.

Augustine, Eriugena, Jean–Luc Nancy, Iconic sign, Mimetic sign, Symbol.

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