R. Zanetti, “Il concetto come spazio autoriflessivo”

Il concetto come spazio autoriflessivo. Temi della ‘Critica del Giudizio’ nella filosofia di Adorno
Roberto Zanetti (Università di Torino)

The purpose of this essay is to put in evidence the deep relation between Adorno’s philosophy and Kant’s Critique of Judgement, a connection which only few scholars have been concerned with and which Adorno himself never explicitly admitted. It will be shown that both these conceptual spheres contribute to outline a self–reflective thought, which aims at going beyond itself through a critic reconsideration of its theoric assumptions. While Kant achieves this goal mainly using the analogy, Adorno tends to radicalize the paradoxical expressions of Critique of Judgement focusing on the disproportion suggested by the idea of sublime. This move has the purpose to emphasize the linguistic–expositive aspect of philosophical speculation and to open a space of mediation between subject and object, concept and reality, where Kant considers judgement as a link between freedom and nature.

Adorno, Kant, critique, judgement, paradox, self–reflection.

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