S. Petrosino, L’economia delle tracce

L’economia delle tracce
Silvano Petrosino (Università Cattolica di Milano)

The article develops a reflection around the term «économie des traces» that Derrida uses in one of his first interviews (1968). The aim is to show how, according to the French philosopher, inside the «originary historicity of being» (Heidegger), on the one hand «there is always economy», and on the other, at the same time, «there is always beyond the economy». The economic aspect of différance therefore imposes a calculation that necessarily must take account of a remainder or surplus that eludes every calculation: economics, which is an essential feature of a finite and deadly being, has, therefore, to be a «double science». Thus emerges the fundamental link between the «économie des traces» and the «political question» of deconstruction.

Economy, Trace, Difference, History, Politics, Deconstruction.

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