K. Sabolius, Sul sonno furioso

Sul sonno furioso. L’immaginazione come sintesi attivamente passiva
Kristupas Sabolius (Vilnius University)

The article is based on a sentence composed by Noam Chomsky: “Col- orless green ideas sleep furiously”. Although a phenomenon referring to a grammatically correct, but logically contradictory phrase is not found in the empirical field, it can stimulate a certain perspective of experience in the field of imagination. The cultivation of this oxymoronic unity of opposites serves for a better understanding of the latent function of imagination. Based on the insights by Anaximander, Beckett, Stoicism, British Empiricism, Husserl and Sartre, this sentence is reconsidered as an impulse, facilitating the dynamism of the activity and passivity of consciousness as well as turning the logical contradiction into the principle of change orientation.

Imagination, Apeiron, Imagination Dead Imagine, Association

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