G.C. Spivak, Derrida for the World Economic Forum

Derrida for the World Economic Forum
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (Columbia University)

In this paper we question the World Economic Forum and its Global Agenda Council on Values regarding the effectiveness of their new Social Covenant, with corporations and institutions, workers therein, and the larger world. From my early contact with Derrida’s work, and as a member of the Council I argue for a renewal of the epistemological, not only for workers and victims of the current state of affaire, but also of those at the top, intellectuals, politicians and the corporate sector. We must supplement the one–size–fits–all toolkit–culture of problem solving and work to rearrange the desires of the highly diversified populations of the world. Derrida’s work helps us consolidate the argument that Humanities education can be this supplement. The possibility of receiving this help becomes harder if Derrida’s work is niched back into disciplinary discourse.

Rearrangement of Desire; Uninstrumentalizable Ethics; Philosophy of Education; Marx; Balibar; Gramsci.

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