I. Nidasio, Liberi da

Liberi da: Hans-Georg Gadamer e la via ermeneutica verso un’emancipazione costruttiva
Ilaria Nidasio

With the “death of god” and the resulting decline of metaphysics, Western thought has become aware of the dissolution of its foundations provoking a receding conviction in universal truth. In this context, hermeneutics can contribute to nihilism, preventing its tragic deviation. Hermeneutics appears as a constructive approach that successfully reacts to the receding conviction in universal truth: it emphasizes the variety and the flexibility of the various interpretations with which everyone approaches the plurality of the world. Every interpretation is a different point of view, which considers itself exclusive and correct, pretending (sometimes violently) to be distinguished from other interpretations. This is the reason why the task of philosophy today is to promote a conscientious reflection upon a pacific coexistence between different cultural and religious experiences.

Emancipation, Hermeneutic, Gadamer, Dialogue, Ethics.

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