A. Michelis, Una prospettiva di emancipazione socratica

Una prospettiva di emancipazione socratica dalla città globale della retorica
Angela Michelis

The emancipation from the conventional relationships and the rhetoric discourses is a preferential entry–point to interpret Carlo Michelstaedter’s philosophy. His thought aims at a revolution of individual thinking and praxis towards a new way of living, more aware of our condition of human beings. The acceptation of our fragile destiny of life and death, love and pain, is the first step to find a truth that makes us free as individuals, but compassionate with other human beings and natural entities of world. This path demands a critical dialectic, an overcoming of social prejudices, a revolution in the languages, a relativization of the perspectives in order to understand each other and change the social and natural fight for survival into a condition of dialogue and peace.

C. Michelstaedter, society, individual, rhetoric, persuasion, life.

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