A. Lucci, Metafore della non-morte

Metafore della non-morte. Riflessioni culturologiche sul potenziale metaforico della figura dello zombie
Antonio Lucci

The present essay wants to analyze the zombie as a metaphor. According to the author, the zombie is used to represent some topics that are particularly present inside some societies, but that cannot find expression in the usual ways those societies use to represent themselves: religion, rituals, politics or law. As a character that embodies marginalization, the zombie changes its features depending on the societies where it is “used” as means of expression. The present contribution analyzes the Haitian zombie as an expression of a society that supports slavery, the one represented in Romero‘s The Night of The Living Dead as the expression of a society that removes death from everyday life, up to the modern representations of the zombie (after 2002), describing them as the expression of an imagination that medicalizes society.

Zombies, Undead, Death, Romero, Cultural Studies

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