I. Testoni, Etica del “memento mori”

Etica del “memento mori” tra rappresentazioni ontologiche della morte, terrore e terrorismo
Ines Testoni

Since the borders between natural life and death have been blurred by technique, inWestern societies discussions and practices regarding death have become very significant. The studies in this area include all the most important topics of any psychological discipline. Indeed, research developed some important theories especially on death and dying, loss and grief, and terror of death. However, they latently adopt implicit basic ontological assumptions, which carry specific representations of death. As this theoretical condition causes many important effects in the clinical work, it is necessary to open a wider epistemological area of discussion on this issues between philosophy and psychology. The article highlights the importance of the Severino’s contribute in this new territory of studies.

Death Studies, Death Education, Philosophy and Psychology Relationships, Anguish of Death, Emanuele Severino

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