Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism was founded in 2008 at the University of Turin (Italy). The editors are Gaetano Chiurazzi and Gianni Vattimo. The managing editor is Roberto Salizzoni.

Trópos publishes essays that address the most relevant contemporary debates in continental philosophy, in a permanent dialogue with other philosophical traditions. Its main fields of interest include theoretical and practical philosophy, aesthetics, linguistic and literary subjects.

Trópos is published twice per year, by Aracne Editrice. Each issue includes a thematic section, followed by essays on various subjects. The journal publishes invited contributions and essays submitted by their authors, which undergo a double blind process. Contributions in English, French, and Italian are welcome.

Trópos is indexed by ACNP (Catalogo Italiano dei Periodici), ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences), the Philosopher’s Index, the Philosophy Research Index.