F. Vercellone, “La finzione necessaria”

La finzione necessaria. La fine dell’arte e la nascita dell’estetica
Federico Vercellone (Università di Torino)

The birth of Aesthetics with Baumgarten contains a promise of synaesthetic plenitude which is denied when Aesthetics becomes Philosophy of Art in the 19th century. Thus we have moved towards a new Status of Aesthetics. With this transition the emphasis has been placed in particular on the separation of the different senses that we use when approaching every kind of Art. Every art form will have one and only one sense with which to perceive it. And so is an abstract experience of Art created. In other words we have to do with an impoverished experience of Art. Art has now become only a form of appearance because it has lost its own synaesthetic content. Modern Art from the Romantics to the Avant–garde, including contemporary Art with the new technologies, have constantly tried to break through these boundaries.

Aesthetic experience, Synaesthetic perception, New technologies.

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